Children are more prone to tooth decay while adults are more apt to suffer from some form of gum disease. The likelihood of getting a cavity does decrease as you age but you are not totally immune. Some of the causes of adult tooth decay are different from the reasons that children get cavities but sugar is usually the main culprit. The thing is that we adults may not realize that we are ingesting so much of it. Cough drops, for instance, can contain a lot of sugar. Be sure to read the label before you choose a product.

A change in lifestyle can alter your vulnerability for cavities. An increased stress level can contribute to dry mouth which will mean a decrease in your flow of saliva. When that happens it’s harder to wash away the bacterial plaque that can lead to tooth decay.

A sudden change in diet can also raise your risk. Sugar isn’t the only threat, foods that are highly acidic can eat away at your tooth enamel causing it to deteriorate and lose its protective quality. If you’ve found a favorite new “go to” snack it may be damaging your enamel. Once again, check the label for content.

A filling that has chipped away or fallen out completely leaves a tooth vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria. See your dentist regularly so that any disintegration can be spotted before the tooth can become infected.

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