There are many reasons why you may experience the feeling of having a dry mouth every now and then. It could be associated with being put in an awkward social position, or feeling anxious about making a business presentation in front of a roomful of executives. These are a fairly common phenomenon but chronic “dry mouth” is a totally different thing.

We need the constant flow of saliva to help us wash away cavity causing bacteria and allow us to chew our food properly to make it soft and easier to digest. When the salivary glands fail to produce at peak capacity it could indicate an underlying medical condition or it could be a reaction to a new medication or a change in the dosage of an ongoing one.

See your dentist if symptoms like a change in the way you taste things, frequent bouts of bad breath or difficulty chewing or swallowing persist. He can evaluate the indications and recommend a treatment plan that may include eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet, switching medications, or using a specifically formulated mouthwash.

Drink water to stay hydrated and to boost your flow of saliva. Tap water is highly recommended because of the fluoride content in community drinking water systems. Bottled water is another good source especially for people who are on the move all day and who appreciate the convenience factor.

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