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Gum diseases are common and still, there is so little we know about the problem. Here is what you need to know if you have gum disease & what can you do about it.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also commonly referred to as Periodontal Disease, is not well understood by many, but it is a very serious condition. Here is some information you should know:

  1. When a bacterial infection attacks your gums, tissue, and surrounding bones, it causes gum disease. This infection starts because of poor dental hygiene and will get worse without intervention.
  2. Without good hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings, tartar (plaque) will build up at the surface of, and underneath your gums.
  3. Gum disease is treatable. When caught early, it’s possible to kill an infection, stop inflammation, and restore the health of teeth
  4. Early signs of gum disease include painful, red gums that bleed.
  5. If gum disease is untreated, it can progress and lead to bone deterioration, which will result in loose teeth that may fall out.
  6. Your dentist will diagnose gum disease by examining your mouth for plaque buildup and by measuring your pocket depth with a dental probe. (Pocket depth is the space between your teeth and gums). Your dentist may also order dental X-rays to check for bone loss.
  7. If you have gum disease, you’ll need a special dental cleaning procedure called scaling and root planning (also known as a “Deep Cleaning”), to remove plaque that has built-up and hardened underneath your teeth and gums. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help kill any infection.
  8. Severe cases of gum disease may require surgery. Options include: flap surgery, bone grafting, splinting. Bite adjustment and a mouthguard may also be recommended.

Gum disease is serious, but it is preventable and treatable. If you have a concern about gum disease, we would love to talk to you at Belleview Dental Associates in Littleton. Give us a call at 720-647-2776 to schedule your next consultation.