Experience and information has made us aware of the foods, drinks and behavior patterns that can cause our teeth to stain. Unfortunately, some of the worst culprits often turn out to be on list of favorite foods and those habits that we should give up are usually the hardest ones to break.

“All things in moderation” is one way of saying that having too much of a good thing may not always be in our best interest. If we can apply those words to our modern day lifestyle we may be able to relish the little pleasures in life without having to pay too high a price.

We all want to enjoy the self confidence that a healthy smile can provide yet we know that drinking coffee, tea or red wine can bring on the stains that will take away from it. But with a little will power we can lower our risk by having a smaller glass of wine with dinner and only one cup of morning coffee.

Talk to your dental hygienist, she can give you some great tips on how to keep staining to a minimum. There is for instance, a product on the market today that claims to “gently remove that wine off your smile” just by wiping. She may also remind you to remember that anything that can stain your clothes will have a similar effect on your teeth.

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