Dental plaque cannot be avoided.  When certain foods mix with your natural flow of saliva they combine to form a sticky film of bacteria that settles over your teeth.  Bacterial plaque is what causes tooth decay and gum disease.  The good news is that plaque can be controlled by brushing and flossing daily and seeking regular professional care.  The bad news is that too many of us are either unaware of the risks or don’t understand the consequences of being lax in maintaining our oral health.

Plaque is produced as a soft substance that can easily be removed with a toothbrush but without regular brushing plaque will harden into tartar which can only be removed by your dental hygienist using professional dental instruments.  If plaque is not removed it will continue to advance and lead to full out periodontitis.  At this point immediate treatment is essential to prevent the deterioration of the bone structure that supports the teeth and eventual tooth loss.

Some people are more prone to oral disease including periodontitis.  The pre-dispostion could be due to genetic tendency, poor diet, and some medications as well as unsatisfactory preventive measures.  If you recognize any of these factors as pertaining to you it is even more important that you make a concentrated effort to improve your dental health plan.

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