Even if you’re the best brusher and flosser that ever was you should still have an in-office professional teeth cleaning done at least every six months in order to prevent plaque buildup.

Plaque is the bad guy in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay. We can’t totally eliminate the presence of plaque on our teeth, it collects there as a result of the sugars and starchy foods that we eat and the natural bacteria that thrive in our mouths. The best we can do is to keep it in check by brushing our teeth every day, twice a day and flossing at least once – and seeing a hygienist at regular six-month intervals.

If you have been getting regular dental cleanings you already know how nice it is to experience the feeling that comes with having freshly cleaned teeth and gums. You’ll want to take the steps necessary to keep that feeling for as long as you can. Before you say good-bye to your hygienist ask her to give you a short refresher course on proper brushing techniques. Tell her what kind of toothbrush you are using and ask if there may be a better choice. Your hygienist won’t mind answering these questions, she will most likely be glad that you are showing an interest in your home care.

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