If your dentist told you that simply by making a few changes in your daily lifestyle you could guarantee an improvement in your oral health would you listen? Considering the mounting evidence that a healthy mouth can affect our overall good health by protecting against things like heart disease and stroke you would be wise to take his advice.

Have your friends and family been urging you to quit smoking? There’s one more reason among the many for you to give up the habit. Tobacco use of any kind will leave stains on your teeth, but that’s not all. Smokers double their risk of developing gum disease. Smoking also lowers the immune system which makes it harder to treat the disease if you are diagnosed.

No one is immune to tooth decay and diet is an important factor in its development. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor if you can cut back on your consumption of the foods and drinks that are known to be bad for your teeth. Colas, citric juices, and energy drinks are full of the sugar that works with your oral bacteria in the production of the acids that attack and deteriorate your tooth enamel. Tap water is by far the healthier choice. Snack foods don’t have to be bad for you, choose the apple slices over the french fries every now and then.

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