Unless you are scheduled for a particular dental procedure, something other than whitening or cleaning, you will probably spend more time with your hygienist than with your dentist at your next regular appointment. Don’t waste that time.

A dental hygienist is up on all the latest products that are displayed on the dental care aisle at your pharmacy. She has also seen the effect they have had on her other patients which makes her an excellent source for a yea or nay opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask about a product that may have caught your attention.

Some lifestyle habits can affect your general good health, the same may be particularly bad for your oral health. Smoking, for instance, can lead to serious effects of gum disease and has been known to cause oral cancer. Your hygienist will perform an oral cancer screening at the recommended intervals, but your best prevention is to quit the habit.

A dental emergency can occur at home or away, it often happens on the playground or at a sporting event. It’s best to keep an dental emergency kit both in your house and in your car, just to be prepared. Your hygienist can tell you what to have on hand and how to apply a cold compress or what procedures to follow in case a tooth has been knocked out.

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