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Follow Up Care Will Help To Insure Long Term Success

Your dentist will do everything possible to save your damaged tooth but sometimes it just won’t be enough.  The most important thing you can do after losing a tooth is to replace it asap.  There are several alternatives to consider, some of the more popular are the bridge, the partial denture or the implant.  A dental implant is known for its outstanding durability and can be expected to last a lifetime if properly maintained.

The basic follow up precautions apply. Your oral surgeon will leave you with a list of post operative instructions which you will need to adhere to during the healing process.  You may be given an antibiotic to fend off infection or a prescription pain reliever to make you more comfortable.

As far as long term care goes your dentist will stress the importance of keeping to a strict regimen of home care and scheduling regular appointments for professional assessment.  More frequent teeth cleanings may be recommended.  There are flosses made specifically for use around a dental implant and oral irrigators that have been proven to be effective in helping to prevent inflammation and plaque buildup around a dental implant. Your hygienist can offer recommendations.

Consult with the doctors at Belleview Dental Associates to see if you are a good candidate for a dental implant, make an evaluation appointment with Dr. Najjar or Dr. Sorber.  Call 303-932-1077 today.