Your dentist will do everything possible to preserve your tooth but if that just is not possible extraction may be the only solution. Simple tooth extractions are just that – simple, and by following care instructions recovery time is minimal. The most important thing is to replace the tooth that has been lost asap in order to preserve the bone structure underneath. Bone loss can affect your entire facial expression. It can also take away from your ability to chew food properly and put extra stress on those teeth that remain.

If the tooth was a part of your smile the loss can actually have an effect on your personality. You may lose some of your self-confidence if you try to hide what you consider to be unsightly. This, in turn, can keep you from performing well in your work capacity or from participating in social situations. And there are so many options for replacement, why wait?

Your dentist will discuss the possibility of a dental implant, a bridge or a denture, whichever might best suit your particular needs. He can explain in detail what each option entails, how much time is involved and what the expenses may be. Many dental insurance programs cover some or all costs of tooth replacement.

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