Teeth whitening has become so common and is so easy to accomplish that it is no wonder the practice is so popular. Whitening is probably the most asked for any cosmetic dental procedure out there today. The reasons for having it done vary. It can be totally for appearance’s sake or to create a better impression in an attempt to advance one’s career.

Having your teeth whitened has become as mainstream as visiting a tanning bed or having a manicure/pedicure in preparation for some special occasion. The service is even offered on many cruise ships on a list of available amenities. On a more practical level however, tooth whitening can actually give someone the self confidence it takes to compete and succeed in the business world.

Whatever your motivation might be, talk to your dentist before you take any action. Over the counter whitening products may work for you or you might have more success with a professional treatment. If your teeth are overly sensitive for instance, or if you have had a significant amount of dental work done over the years you may be a better candidate for a veneer than for a whitening procedure. Your dentist can make that evaluation.

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