Did it ever occur to you that as an adult you might need advice about how and when to brush your teeth? Guess what, maybe you do. You may know for instance, that brushing and flossing after every meal is part of an ideal plan for home care, but did you know that there’s a proper way to do it? Most people tend to rush the process, we’re anxious to get the day started, get to work or school on time, etc. and wind up giving our teeth a quick brushing followed up by a swish of mouthwash and we’re out the door. That is not going to reduce our risk for oral disease.

First of all, there’s a recommended course of action. Brush your teeth from front to back covering all the surfaces thoroughly and don’t forget your tongue – a specially made tongue scraper is perfect for this job!

Your teeth are more vulnerable right after you have eaten particularly so if you’ve had a sugary or acidic food or drink. Wait at least an hour before brushing.

The natural flow of saliva slows while we are sleeping. Brushing your teeth in the a.m. will help to flush out the bacteria that has festered there during the nighttime hours. A clean, fresh mouth is a good way to begin your day anyway.

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