Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Belleview Dental Associates – Smile Gallery. See the potential for your smile by viewing some of our amazing transformations. Dr. Najjar’s high standards for excellence and his compassion for patients and their families has elevated the level of care at Belleview Dental Associates. He believes everyone should be proud of his or her smile.  He believes in health, comfort and function for everyone.  In dentistry we need to take advantage of the knowledge our fellow health professionals offer.  Dr. Najjar truly believes in the philosophy of “interdisciplinary dentistry.”  He uses specialist colleagues to provide the highest level of treatment success for all patients. Come learn what we can do for you in our Smile Gallery!

Smile Gallery Img1 | Belleview Dental Associates
Smile Gallery img 2 | Belleview Dental Associates

35 y.o. female (bridges)

Smile Gallery Img3 | Belleview Dental Associates
Smile Image 4 | Belleview Dental Associates

57 y.o. male (veneers)

Smile Gallery img 5 | Belleview Dental Associates
Smile Gallery Img 6 | Belleview Dental Associates

19 y.o. male (implants)

Teeth Filling Img
Teeth Cleaning 3

42 y.o. female (crowns & fillings)

Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning 2

50 y.o. female (front 2 crowns replaced)

Teeth Cleaning 3
Teeth Cleaning 4

57 y.o. male (crowns)


We strive for to make our patients part of our family!

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