Periodontal disease is just that, a disease. It affects your teeth and gums and the bone structure that supports them. It can also influence any other health issues that you may be dealing with. Once gum disease has advanced to the point of being diagnosed as periodontitis your dentist will recommend root planing and scraping, a treatment more commonly known as deep cleaning.

When you are diagnosed with periodontitis the goal will be to go in under the gum line and clean out the bacteria that has collected in the spaces created when your gum tissue pulled away from your teeth. Receding gums is a basic factor associated with the disease. If the bacteria is not removed it will continue eating away at your teeth and bones and if not stopped it will eventually lead to the loss of both.

A deep cleaning is very different from the procedure that is done to clean and polish the surface of your teeth. In fact, dentists may refuse to perform regular teeth cleaning on a patient who suffers from periodontitis for fear of disturbing the bacteria and forcing it into the bloodstream where it could be carried to other parts of the body.

If you suspect that your gums have been receding (they may appear to be longer than usual) or if they bleed more easily than before, make an appointment to have an evaluation asap. Call Belleview Dental Associates in Littleton, CO @ 303-710-8008.