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How Surgary and Other Drinks Affect your Teeth

Archive for July 2019

Specialty Dental Care For Older Adults

Dental care for older adults and the elderly is a very important subject. Geriatric patients are sometimes fragile, and often, a long life and lifestyle choices have taken a toll on their teeth. We take our responsibility to serve our older patients very seriously—and it requires a type of experience and knowledge that cannot be…

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A Healthy Mouth = A Healthy You

Did you know that the health of your mouth reflects the health of your whole body? We see a lot of mouths. The mouth can be a window into one’s overall health,  and usually we can pretty accurately guess if our patients have or have had a health problem. Lung problems, allergies, heart conditions, and…

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The Myth of Bad Teeth

Sometimes patients tell us their bad teeth are genetic—their whole family has bad teeth, so they are pre-destined to a life of dental problems. Typically, this isn’t entirely true. We do see patients who have family members with similar oral health problems. In these cases, there is a pattern that emerges, many times passed down…

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