28 11, 2017

Are You Doing It Right?

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Did it ever occur to you that as an adult you might need advice about how and when to brush your teeth? Guess what, maybe you do. You may know for instance, that brushing and flossing after every meal is part of an ideal plan for home care, but did you know that there’s a [...]

21 11, 2017

Periodontitis Can Be Managed

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Periodontal disease is just that, a disease. It affects your teeth and gums and the bone structure that supports them. It can also influence any other health issues that you may be dealing with. Once gum disease has advanced to the point of being diagnosed as periodontitis your dentist will recommend root planing and scraping, [...]

14 11, 2017

Find New Favorites

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Your teeth will be more sensitive than usual for the first 48 hours or so after a whitening treatment, they will also be more susceptible to staining. Your dentist will recommend that you avoid those foods and drinks that are known to stain your teeth for at least a week. So what will you replace [...]

7 11, 2017

Take It From A Pro

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Unless you are scheduled for a particular dental procedure, something other than whitening or cleaning, you will probably spend more time with your hygienist than with your dentist at your next regular appointment. Don’t waste that time. A dental hygienist is up on all the latest products that are displayed on the dental care aisle [...]